Preparation for new exhibition at World Museum, Liverpool

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Elena performing traditional Indian dancing

Traditional Indian Dancing

This May sees a new exhibition, 'Telling Tales: the art of Indian Storytelling', opening at World Museum, Liverpool. The exhibition will run from 24 May until 8 September 2013 and will feature artwork and scrolls by Indian artists who draw on both traditional Indian tales and contemporary issues in their art. Objects from NML’s own Indian collection will be displayed alongside the scrolls making for an interesting dialogue between old and new. The exhibition will also include a life size series of projections of Elena Catalano performing traditional Indian dancing.

I was lucky enough to go along to Toxteth TV last week to watch Elena being filmed for the projection by our exhibitions team. Elena was filmed on ‘greenscreen’ so she alone can be picked out and projected straight on to the walls of the exhibition.

Watching Elena put the finishing touches to her costume was fascinating. Particular emphasis is placed on the feet, the edges of which were painted red; Elena then wrapped bells around her ankles. This complemented the dance, where each movement and step travelled down to a flat, turned out foot. 

Not only was the skill of the dancing mesmerising but also Elena’s ability to tell a story with her facial expression. This will fit wonderfully with the exhibition’s theme which proves that storytelling isn’t all about the written word!