Pride and Prejudice - we need you

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logoPride and Prejudice: Bringing stories out of the closet is a groudbreaking project to reveal the sometimes hidden LGBT histories of objects held at National Museums Liverpool's art galleries and the Museum of Liverpool. The results of what the team have uncovered can be found on the project web pages, with more to be added at the end of this month. A two year project, there is still much to come in the next 12 months.

In the next few weeks, there are two opportunities to meet the team at the Walker Art Gallery on 30 November, and the Museum of Liverpool  on 10 December. Come and find out what's planned for 2017 and see how you can get involved.

Whilst working on the project we’ve tried to reach out to, and be part of local LGBT communities as much as possible. We’ve been to pubs, health centres, nightclubs, social groups, and for the first time ever National Museums Liverpool had a stall at Liverpool Pride. It’s extremely important to us that Liverpool’s diverse LGBT communities feel that their stories are being told, and are accurately represented. We’ve now come to a stage where we would like to open up this discussion more widely and consult with you about what we’ve already done, what more we could do, and what we could improve on.  At the Museum of Liverpool we will be providing some drinks and light refreshments, you can have a Tarot reading from Barbara Truvada at the Walker! Come to one or both sessions and help us shape how we can be a more representative organisation. Barbara Truvada Barbara Truvada