Put a spring in your step

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Sping has sprung, or so we're told. All the signs of a typical British springtime are here. This week we've already had wind, rain and a dash of hail. I even had a spring roll for my tea last night, so it must be true. (I'm not joking. I really did have a spring roll).

One of my friends has just mentioned she is going to dust off the BBQ, but I'm afraid I can't share her optimism. To try and shake off that bleak winter outlook, I've been browsing our collections and came across Millais' 'Spring (Apple Blossoms)' and Laura Knight's 'Spring in St John's Wood'.  Maybe I will to wait for this week's solar eclipse to pass before I can restore my naturally sunny outlook.

If you are as confused as me about the seasons, try 'Sundials and Sunbeams' . It will explain what's happening a lot better than I can!