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Group of youth volunteers with their mentor

Newsletter Volunteers l-r: Emily, Charlotte, Hasan, Stephen, Roz, Hannah, Michelle (mentor) and Ashley

Youth volunteer, Emily, has recently volunteered on a group project to produce a volunteer newsletter for all our museum volunteers and staff. Here’s her report on their project…

‘Since October 2010 I’ve been taking part in a volunteer newsletter project. Aimed at 16-25 year olds it was in partnership with Media Trust. Meeting weekly, we created a newsletter which would both inform and entertain its readers. The group were also working towards a Bronze Arts Award which is a national qualification. The project was mentored by Michelle Fiddler who is a journalist for the Liverpool Echo.

Working alongside Michelle we began discussing what the newsletter would contain and what our responsibilities would be. I wrote the welcome letter and also interviewed volunteers about their experiences. I particularly enjoyed hearing about how National Museums Liverpool has helped volunteers of all ages and how varied their roles are.

In the following weeks we edited our pieces, firstly using paper layouts to decide which articles would go together on the page. It was interesting to learn that newspapers still use this technique as a way of editing their pages. We then used the layouts as a guide when importing the articles onto the computer. I learnt quite a lot from this as each import would need re-editing to fit into the text boxes on the computer.

As part of the Arts Award we had to review an exhibition. We visited Inside DNA which is currently at the World Museum. I enjoyed using the interactive materials to learn more about DNA and how it is used in criminal investigation and medical breakthroughs.

Another aspect of the award was to create a presentation about our arts hero/heroine and I enjoyed listening to the variety of people who inspired the group. This ranged from famous artists to film stars and authors.

On March 23rd I went to meet the arts award moderator with another volunteer and the volunteer co-ordinators. I am pleased to say we passed the award and will soon be getting our certificates.’

The Volunteers Team would like to say a Big Well Done to the group on gaining their Bronze Arts Award and we look forward to distribution the newsletter soon!

If you are interested in volunteering at our venues, please contact the Volunteer Team to find out more. If you are aged 16-25, you can also find out more about Youth Volunteering by visiting vinvolved; the national youth volunteering programme.