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My name is Jess and I have been on work experience at National Museums Liverpool (NML) for two weeks. When I chose NML as my placement for work experience, I didn’t really know what to expect, however I have really enjoyed my time here and all that I have done. During my first week, I was based in Human Resources working alongside the volunteer team. I helped with general office duties, and assisted in preparing for the event due to take place at the end of the week in the World Museum, ‘Dinomania’.

Thursday of that week saw the first day of Dinomania. I worked with the volunteers doing arts and crafts with children, making badges, masks and colouring in. The children had lots of fun making the masks and frightening their teachers and friends. The event was popular with many families and primary schools attending. On Friday I again joined the volunteers in the World Museum.

On the Tuesday of my second week I was based in the Weston Discovery centre in the World Museum, observing Egypt school sessions. I learnt much from the children that I had forgotten since primary school! The sessions were interesting and the children clearly enjoyed themselves. I also spent quite a while exploring the museum. It has been a long time since I have been – I forgot how much there was to look at! Wednesday I was again up in Human Resources. I attended the Volunteer meeting with the Mersey V’s. They were planning for an event to be held in April to celebrate the end of their volunteer project. I got an insight into just how much there is to think about when planning such an event. On Thursday I was based in the Walker Art Gallery.

For the morning I helped in the office, and after lunch I was shown around the gallery, shadowing different members of the Visitor Services team. I liked this day, there is much to look at and enjoy in the Walker.

I have enjoyed my time at NML and have been made to feel very welcome! I now have an understanding of the scale of this organisation and how much time and effort goes into organising things, as I have had the chance to see ‘behind the scenes’.