Reel Stories: what makes a Liverpool film?

Article Featured Image Image copyright Jamie Reid Reel Stories has got our visitors talking. Be it reminiscing over old films, vowing to finally find time for that classic they’ve never seen or just stunned that a Hollywood blockbuster was actually filmed on their doorstep; our new exhibition is full of surprises. Paul Gallagher, Acting Senior Curator of Urban History tells a bit more about what makes a ‘Liverpool film’: Poster design John McGill, Photograph by Bernard Fallon “A Liverpool film for me isn’t just one that’s shot in the city - and just who doesn’t love spotting the locations - it’s one that captures the true personality of the place; funny and angry, warm and opinionated, savage but kind. One of the many joys of researching these films and filmmakers is just how many capture that very essence of Liverpool. I’ve absolutely loved discovering those hidden gems and rediscovering the big hits too. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, maybe even at the same time. There’s a wonderful strapline on the poster for the film The Reckoning, another hidden beauty that was made in 1968, it says ‘how many Mick Marler’s do you know?’ It made me think, how many Liverpool films do you know? Why don’t you come to the Museum of Liverpool to find out?” ‘Reel Stories: Liverpool and the silver screen’ runs at the Museum of Liverpool until September 2017.