Remember Love at Double Fantasy

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Visitor in exhibition Double Fantasy - John & Yoko at Museum of Liverpool until 22 April 2019 We are thrilled to have welcomed more than 20,000 visitors already to our latest exhibition Double Fantasy - John & Yoko, which has now been open for two weeks. We have been overwhelmed by the heartfelt responses to the exhibition on social media and within the exhibition. The beautiful wish trees which line the giant window that overlooks the Mersey and Albert Dock are overflowing with the wishes of our visitors. From the simple and spontaneous to personal and sincere, we have been really moved by how visitors have related to Yoko’s request to share a wish. Our trees form part of the ongoing Wish Tree series, which has been on display all over the world. In each iteration the wishes are eventually sent to Yoko’s studio where they are collected to eventually be preserved at the Imagine Peace Tower on Viðey Island in Kollafjörður Bay in Iceland. Boy in exhibition Boy adding post-it to Remember Love wall Another responsive area of the exhibition is the Remember Love wall. 100s of post-its are stuck up daily in this special space. In busy 21st century life a reminder to ‘remember love’ appears to really strikes a chord with visitors. Some remember John Lennon and share what he and his music meant to them. Other visitors have shared the names of loved-ones in their life and there are many more poignant notes to those remembered with love who have passed away.
"I hope when people see this show they have a sense of the incredible relationship John and I had, and also the power of love. I love you John!" Yoko Ono, on 'Double Fantasy – John and Yoko', 17 May 2018.
Double Fantasy – John & Yoko runs at Museum of Liverpool until 22 April 2019. Tag with wish written on it Wish from the Wish Tree Tree with wishes hanging from branches Wish Tree Post-it Remember Love post-it Wall full of post-its Remember Love wall