Rianne's internship

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Rianne at the entrance to the museum We've been privileged to have Rianne working with us since September. Here's what she has to say about her experience: "My internship at the International Slavery Museum. Hello, I’m Rianne, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Holland. For the final year of my Cultural Heritage study, we had to find an internship to put the theory we’d learnt to the test. Since I was curious to find out more about museums outside of Holland, I started to apply for an internship abroad. This is when I came across Liverpool and the International Slavery Museum. A museum dedicated to the history and legacies of the transatlantic slavery was a completely new concept to me and what better way is there to finish a study than by learning something new to help! So I tried my luck and sent an e-mail. And I was lucky: after months of looking for an internship, the International Slavery Museum opened its doors to me and I became a member of the International Slavery Museum’s lovely education team for five months. The main project I worked on was the development of a new education session for primary school pupils about one of the legacies of transatlantic slavery: Human Rights. In an interactive and informative way we hope to teach the young pupils more about the importance of Human Rights and the importance of protecting those rights for all. The session will hopefully be launched in September. Besides working on this interesting project, I also got the chance to take a look behind the scenes of the museum’s new exhibition Brutal Exposure, The Congo while working with the Exhibitions Department and I attended interesting meetings and lectures which showed the influence of transatlantic slavery and its legacies across the globe. The growing attention for this topic shows that there is a need to learn and understand more about slavery, both in a historically and contemporary context. It was a great experience to see how the museum contributes to that. I hope to work with the subject of transatlantic slavery again in the future. For now I would like to thank all the wonderful people.  I’ve met while working in the International Slavery Museum for making this internship an adventure I’ll never forget."