Romance in 1934

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old photo of smartly dressed couples dancing in a large hall

Dance Party at Reece’s, Parker Street, Liverpool, February 1934 (detail). Commissioned by S Reece & Sons Ltd, Liverpool

The commercial photographic firm of Stewart Bale Ltd were commissioned to take this photograph by Reece & Sons Ltd, from their principal offices in Hawke Street, off Brownlow Hill, Liverpool. Stewart Bale was an important firm of Liverpool based photographers who could command significant commissions, which says something about the status of Reece’s. The photograph was taken early to mid February 1934 so we are not sure whether it shows a Valentine’s celebration or not but it would be nice to think so. Reece’s was a well known Liverpool company popular in the early to mid twentieth century; they ran a dairy and bakery plus a number of cafés in and around Liverpool which were popular places for people to meet. At Parker Street Reece’s occupied a number of floors which included a café, restaurant and ballroom. Parker Street is central to Liverpool City Centre and is just off Church Street, one of the main thorough fares, so a prime location.If you would like to find out more about our Stewart Bale collection you can view our online information sheet and see a selection of images on the website. Do you remember Reece's? If anyone has any information about the above image please do get in touch using this contact form.