A romantic proposal at the Walker Art Gallery

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She said yes! She said yes! Love was well and truly in the air at the Walker Art Gallery earlier this month, when our Visitor Services team were called upon to help out with a very special visitor request... Meghan Crockett, Assistant Visitor Services Manager, tells us how the plan came together - with very happy results! "We had a phone call on Saturday afternoon from a man named John who was planning to propose to his girlfriend Jennifer at the Gallery. John had originally intended to propose while on holiday in Amsterdam. The couple are both big fans of the artist Rembrandt and a new exhibition on the painter at a gallery in the Dutch capital seemed like the perfect setting. Unfortunately though, the trip fell through. At the last minute, John had the lovely idea of proposing in front of the Rembrandt painting here at the Walker Art Gallery. We talked to him throughout the day on Saturday to see what we could do to help. He asked us to type his proposal up (because he thought he wouldn’t be able to get his words out!) and place it next to the Rembrandt so that his girlfriend would read it as he got down on one knee. He very subtly made himself known to us Sunday morning so that we could go and clear the small area around the Rembrandt portrait. We brightened the lights so that they could take pictures and placed his note next to the painting. Luckily, she said yes! A job well done by the whole Visitor Services team at the Gallery, and a huge congratulations to John and Jennifer!" If you're planning a wedding, take a look at our wedding co-ordinator's top-tips. You can also find out more about getting married at some of National Museums Liverpool's venues here.