A royal hush fell upon us

Laura Cox, Visitor Assistant at the Museum of Liverpool shares her experience of the recent royal visit

Queen is presented with flowers at the Museum of Liverpool

As I’m sure you know we had a couple of very special visitors to the Museum of Liverpool on the 1st December, The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh came to officially open the building. It was a wonderful day and one I will never forget.

As a Visitor Assistant I was situated in the Wondrous Place gallery, to say I was excited/nervous would be an understatement. Up in the gallery we also had Yoko Ono and Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman waiting to meet the Queen.Being upstairs and not in the atrium of the museum meant I didn’t see the Royal arrival, but I did hear it. Prior to their arrival there had been a buzz around the museum, you could feel the anticipation in the air, but upon their arrival the museum fell silent.

They had arrived, our Royal visit had begun.I pictured everybody downstairs holding their breath watching the Queen and Prince Philip enter the building, and then the initial nerves turning into excitement as they began to wave their pink Museum of Liverpool flags, the buzz was once again being carried through the building.

When the Queen entered Wondrous Place I couldn’t help but smile, I couldn’t believe that the Queen was standing just a few feet away from me. She was shown around the gallery by Phil Redmond; she stopped to talk to Yoko whilst looking at suits worn by The Beatles and then she spoke to Chris Boardman whose bicycle is on display at the museum. She was particularly interested in the skeleton of Ambush II, the last Royal horse to win the Grand National. Just before she left the gallery she was shown Ken Dodd’s costume and tickling stick.

History made in Liverpool – 1st of December 2011

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