Rudolf the Superlambanana

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man painting a lamb sculpture with a banana shaped tail

Rudolf during his Christmas makeover

Since the summer the Superlambanana at the National Conservation Centre has been a Super-lab-banana, complete with a lab coat, goggles and a magnifying glass, ready for action in the working laboratory in the Reveal gallery. This week though he has undergone a complete transformation ready for Christmas, and is now Rudolf the red nosed Superlambanana.

You can see more photos of the transformation, courtesy of Dave Abbott and the learning team at the National Conservation Centre, on our Rudolf the red nosed Superlambanana Flickr page. Dave tells me that just for Christmas Rudolf has found a new home in the window of Café Eros, which should give him a good view as Prancer, Dancer and the rest of the team go past with Santa.

He'll have plenty to do as there are lots of Christmas activities planned over the next few weeks, including carol singing at 10am on Monday, Christmas crafts on the next two Saturdays and Christmas box workshops on Tuesday and Thursday. Full details are on the National Conservation Centre events page.

Rudolf will also be in a great position to try out the brand new menu in Café Eros, so he may put a little weight on over the next few weeks.