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Women on a stall The team were at Africa Oye in June, spreading word about the project Project Curator, Mitty Ramagavigan updates us on the latest news from the Sankofa project:
It’s crazy to think that we’re half way through the Sankofa project already. Time has gone too fast for my liking but we have done some really fun things so far like spreading the word about the project at Africa Oye, our Activism and Archives event in January and supporting Dorthy Kuya’s family with her immense collection of books and archive material. I’ve also had a chance to fulfill my promise of lots of tea drinking and have met some incredible people along the way several of whom have written blogs for us. Behind the scenes we’ve also been working on the Sankofa website which will be a place/space for you to look at National Museums Liverpool’s collections relating to Black heritage but also add your own stories and images, and be part of the collective understanding. This will be launched very soon so follow our Facebook page for the latest news. People looking at photograph Activism and Archives event in January All of this has gone on to inform what will be the next phase of the project and a series of free workshops to help support people looking after their own stories and objects. From taking an oral history to learning how to archive your own important things, as well as how to research your own family history, the workshops will be packed full of useful information to make these tasks as straightforward as possible. You won’t need any previous experience but enthusiasm is a must! The Sankofa project aims to progress our understanding of Liverpool’s Black history by bringing together stories and objects, and supporting people and communities to look after their unique and often hidden history. Connecting stories from people and community groups, and those within museum collections, will form a rich picture of Liverpool’s Black experience. Hope to see you at one of the workshops and if you have any questions about the project then please do let get in touch or 0151 478 4337