School Champions documentary filming begins

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students on the construction site with the Maritime Museum and Albert Dock in the background

Weatherhead pupils on their first visit to the Museum of Liverpool construction site back in January

It's a few weeks since the last update on the School Champions project, which offers pupils from local schools the opportunity to get involved with the development of the Museum of Liverpool. In that time the budding Spielbergs who are filming a documentary about the construction of the new museum have been busy. Yesterday pupils from Weatherhead Media College and St Margaret Mary's RC Junior School took a ferry across the Mersey to film and photograph the Museum of Liverpool build. Afterwards Weatherhead pupils were also allowed onto the construction site to film.

Below is a report on the day's activities from Champion Libby Brunskill. Photographs from the day will be available on our Flickr page soon.
 "We all met up at 10.00am at the Maritime Museum and went through the action plan for the day. First, we began filming outside the Maritime, and did some establishing shots of Liverpool and the Liver Buildings. Then we walked down to Mersey Ferries and took shots from different angles and distances whilst on the Ferry. We managed to get some stills of St Mary and Margaret’s primary school, who were also on the Ferry at this time.

After this we went onto the construction site of the new Museum of Liverpool. We spent roughly an hour taking shots of the museum and came up with some really creative images of the reflection of the sun’s light on the pillars. Also cranes, the size comparison between the old museum and new one, workmen in action, skips and tyre tracks were very interesting. The best shot was probably the JCB, which we filmed at different angles with the Liver Buildings in the background.

Next we went back to the Maritime Museum and took various shots of the anchor and spiral outside it. We were able to capture the new museum and the Liver Buildings through the hole in the anchor, which looked really effective when zoomed out. Then, we finally took shots of the celebrity wall in the Maritime museum."