Scrolls leave to tell tales from India

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Lady with glasses looks at a long scroll with bright painted pictures on

Emma Martin says goodbye to Bengali scroll before it goes to Prescot Museum

This week Ethnology curator Emma Martin said goodbye to some contemporary Bengali scrolls that will tour the northwest region over the next year.

Telling Tales: Story Scrolls from India features six never seen before, beautiful and vibrant scrolls, created by leading contemporary Indian artists.

The tour starts at Prescot Museum on 15 February 2011. The scrolls then travel across the North West over the next year as part of a partnership programme lead by National Museums Liverpool to share its ethnology collection with a wider audience. Later this year the tour will also bring the scrolls to World Museum before they continue the rest of the tour. 

Traditionally 19th century patuas or picture makers of West Bengal would to go from town to town to spread news of local heroes and of epic battles between good and evil using song and picture scrolls.

Telling Tales: Story Scrolls from India will display contemporary scrolls by modern-day patuas, that tell ancient stories alongside issues affecting society today. Their scrolls highlight important issues such as AIDS, women’s rights, global events like the tsunami and war in Afghanistan.