Sew in love with The Beatles

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Blue bedspread with Yellow Submarine cartoon characters

Detail of the 'All You Need Is Love' bedspread

Last week Beatles fans rejoiced when the decades-long battle of the Apples was resolved, meaning that their music could soon be available to download. Now that downloads are included in the singles charts it has been predicted that the top ten could be dominated by the fab four.
However it's not just the music charts that they are ruling online. Last week we launched some new Valentine e-cards and one of the most popular so far is the 'All You Need Is Love' bedspread, featuring Yellow Submarine characters, that was used in John and Yoko's bed-in for peace in Montreal. See every stitch of this colourful creation, handmade by the local Montreal Hare Krishna Chapter, with our bedspread zoomify feature.
Don't forget, our Valentine e-cards are there for you if you missed the post or if you just want to express your affection without actually parting with any cash (and lets face it, we're all still a bit broke after Christmas, so nobody's going to judge you for that, I hope).