Sex, crime and punishment throughout history

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Steve Boyce, courtesy of Steve Boyce Steve Boyce, courtesy of Steve Boyce In the lead up to our OUTing the Past Festival of LGBT History at the Museum of Liverpool, 23 February, we will be sharing blogs from our wonderful speakers. Fifth up is Steve Boyce. Steve is a member of the Management Committee and also Chair of Trustees to Schools Out UK and LGBT History Month. He tells us more - “This talk takes a personal and historic look at how we as the LGBT+ community have sometimes policed ourselves and our desires and at other times been punished and vilified by others for our perceived imperfections. I will start from a very personal and recent historical point of view and delve back though over 500 years of how the British have dealt with or avoided dealing with same-sex desires. At times horrific and other times plain laughable!" Don’t miss Steve’s talk at 2:30pm