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Shipping company poster Pacific Steam Navigation Company poster 1984.269.1 As part of our ongoing efforts to make the collections of Merseyside Maritime Museum more accessible, you can now find out about some of our posters on our new works on paper collection pages. The first works to be featured are the Liverpool shipping posters that were previously displayed in our Sail Away exhibition (May 2014 - April 2016). They were selected from over 100 posters in our collection, illustrating the history of more than a century of sea travel. Shipping company poster Elder Dempster Line poster MMM.2005.23 One of my favourites is this colourful Elder Dempster Line poster with artwork by Odin Rosenvinge, a leading marine artist based in Liverpool. You will be able to see it on display in our upcoming exhibition Black Salt which opens on 29 September. More posters will follow so watch this space! We will also be working on other online collections to reflect the stories we cover, and highlight our diverse and historically significant objects at Merseyside Maritime Museum.