Shopping for all the family at Museum of Liverpool

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Museum of Liverpool shopKaren O'Connor, Head of Retail is passionate about families enjoying their shopping experience as part of their visit to our museums and galleries.  Here she talks about the recent updates to Museum of Liverpool shop to deliver just that...  "Anyone who has ever shopped with a toddler in tow has had the 'heart in mouth' moment when they hurtle towards a display of glittering wine glasses or beautiful vases and all you can do is hope for the best. I would certainly avoid those sort of shops when I'm out with my son, who on one shopping trip tipped a whole tin of while emulsion paint on the floor in a well known DIY shop. I've often witnessed similar scenes in the Museum of Liverpool shop when harassed parents at the end of their visit tried to stop their curious offspring from grabbing ceramic Superlambananas and colourful mugs off the open shelves. This has meant they've ended up herding them out of the shop to avoid disaster before they've had the chance to look around. We were keen to come up with a solution to this problem. We didn't want families to miss out the shop. Quite the opposite, we wanted to develop our range of pocket money toys so that children could take away a little memory of their visit. We needed to make our shop more child....and adult friendly.New display cases at Museum of Liverpool shop Firstly we moved all our breakable gifts off the main shop floor and put our toys lower down, so that our important little customers could reach everything and try before they buy.
Parents can now happily let their children pick things up as much as they like, safe in the knowledge that fragile items are out of reach.
We also created a space for adults to browse our gift range, with new  glass cases outside the main shop to create a bright and spacious display area. These are filled with Liverpool themed gifts, beautiful ceramics and a brand new range of fashion accessories and jewellery. So there's plenty of room to browse in peace before letting the children explore inside the shop. We hope we've made life a bit easier for grown up shoppers and a lot more fun for the children! Why not check out our changes on your next visit and let us know what you think?" New retail display at Museum of Liverpool