Shopping trolleys, Ron Mueck and the Tate Modern slides

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A couple of online features from other museum groups have caught our attention this week. The Science Museum in London is hosting the touring exhibition Game On, featuring a history of computer games from the 1960s to the present day. The web team at the museum have documented the creation of their online feature on their blog, including commissioning a contemporary version of the classic game Pong set in a car park. Frankie Roberto has also blogged about online media coverage of the exhibition.

We've already seen how Brooklyn Museum are pioneering the use of Flickr online through their Brooklyn graffiti project, the latest set of photos on their Flickr account shows the installation of a new exhibition of works by Ron Mueck.

Finally, the Tate Modern website suggests visitors should arrive before midday if they want to go on Carsten Höller's Test Site, currently drawing huge crowds in the Turbine Hall. The Tate website has videos online showing a ride on each of the five slides (Realplayer only).

Installation of Ron Mueck exhibition