A simple guide to horse packing

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woman getting a large model horse out of a box

Getting Biscuit the horse ready for his photo opportunity!

Yes, you have read the title correctly! Here in the Ethnology department we are busily packing lots of objects ready for them to have their photographs taken, before they go on display in the Global City gallery of the Museum of Liverpool. This isn't always as easy as it sounds. One of the more tricky objects I've had today has been a large brightly decorated enamel horse, which is almost 1 metre long. The horse has a detachable mane (which looks a little bit like a toupe) and tail that all needed packing together to ensure it looks its best in front of the cameras. It turns out there is more than one way to pack a horse, but I decided on a nice simple solution of strapping the horse into a box, making sure it can't move about while its being transported. You could say, it will be travelling in its own handmade horsebox. The horse once belonged to Sir Douglas Crawford a well known figure in Liverpool. Famous for the Crawford biscuit business and his work with the Scout Movement, he also in his spare time collected a very specific type of Chinese enamel called cloisonne. You'll be able to see a fantastic group of objects from Douglas Crawford's collection in the new gallery. You can get quite attached to some of the objects you care for. I couldn't help naming this horse Biscuit, which seems to suit it.