The skill behind 'The Dancer'

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Artist working on a sculpture with a blow torch

Emma Rodgers has now put the finishing touches to 'The Dancer' and her display of the sculpture opens today in the Walker Art Gallery.

The sculpture was previously at the Castle Fine Arts Foundry in North Wales but has now taken centre stage in the ‘Emma Rodgers: From Sketch to Sculpture’ display.

The photograph above shows Rodgers patinating the bronze sculpture to create the desired finish. This is achieved by placing powdered chemicals on to the surface before heating them. This results in a chemical reaction which colours the surface of the sculpture. Different chemicals create different colours and it takes a lot of experience to know which chemicals to use to achieve the required colour.

To find out more about how 'The Dancer' was made visit ‘Emma Rodgers: From Sketch to Sculpture’ at the Walker, which shows how this sculpture evolved from an idea in to reality.

You can also see videos of Emma at work in her studio, describing her work in general and talking about her life as an artist, on our 'The Rise of Women Artists' video page.