Slavery museum radio coverage - 'listen again'

As promised here are some of the radio highlights for the International Slavery Museum launch. Obviously there has been a lot more coverage than this list but a lot isn't available to listen again, or is difficult to isolate within a programme. There's plenty to listen to here anyway.

  • Front Row tonight (Friday 24th) will feature Mark Lawson's visit to the new museum. That's Radio 4 at 7.15pm, and hopefully for the week to come on 'listen again'
  • As I mentioned yesterday Simon Mayo on Radio Five Live interviewed Richard Benjamin for about 20 mins on Wednesday, starting at about 1hr 47 mins into the programme. That programme should be available to listen again until Wednesday next week.
  • Colourful Radio's Amina Taylor interviewed Richard on 20th August 2007. Just select the date from this page - the interview starts at 1hr 46mins and runs for about 20 mins. 
  • Colourful Radio obviously like Richard as he was back on the station next day on the Elayne Smith programme. Again, select the date (21st August) and start listening at 1hr 38 mins. The interview runs for about 18 mins. In the interview Richard asked people to send him their comments and thoughts on the museum. You can do that by following this link and completing the 'contact us' form.