Slavery Remembrance Day

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Yesterday was Slavery Remembrance Day. A series of events culminated in a ritual libation on the banks of the river Mersey. These images give you an idea of what happened on the day.

You can listen to an interview with Tony Tibbles, keeper of the Merseyside Maritime Museum, on the Vatican Radio website. He talks about the background to the day and the museum's involvement in the celebrations.

There's more on the Slavery Remembrance pages on our main site.

Update (11.10.06) Bev Mitchell, community coordinator at the Mersey Basin Campaign, attended the event and blogged it here.

A group of men in traditional african costume with a river in the background

Chief Angus Chukuemeka leads the libation ceremony with other community leaders. He called on ancestors to bless the event and then paid homage to the ancestors.

a group of men in traditional costume in front of a crowd of peopleThe libation was held on the banks of the Mersey in front of a large crowd.

Three people int raditional African costume enter a busy marqueeThe River Niger Orchestra enter the marquee for an afternoon of celebration.

A group of people with instruments performing on a stageThe orchestra was one of several performances in a day of acting, poetry, music and crafts.