From small town boy to ‘visible’ city cop – my journey explained

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Christian Owens Christian Owens In the lead up to our OUTing the Past Festival of LGBT History at the Museum of Liverpool, 23 February, we will be sharing blogs from our wonderful speakers. Second up is Christian Owens - “I am Christian Owens, a Detective Sergeant in Merseyside Police, currently posted to the force Community Engagement Unit. My talk is a personal insight into the life of an LGBT+ cop, starting life as a smalltown ‘invisible’ boy in Runcorn. I say ‘boy’ because that is how I saw myself, even though I was born female. Aged 17 years, I ventured out of Runcorn to the big city of Liverpool, as a person identifying as a gay female. Christian Owens at Liverpool Pride 2017 Christian Owens at Liverpool Pride 2017 I recount memories of contact with London Friend Switchboard, which resulted in my first experience of gay encounters at a Liverpool Gay Youth Group in Back Colquitt Street and Scarlett’s Bar. Aged 23, I joined Merseyside Police. Outnumbered by men and experiencing misogyny and homophobia first hand, I seriously considered a different career pathway. The police service progressed, as I did as a person. In 2000, a public outing in the workplace left me hurt, but also gave me strength. In 2009, still struggling with my gender identity, I confided in a loyal colleague, who helped me to embark on a journey that was life changing. 2012, my transformation from caterpillar to butterfly! Helping to lead the way for trans inclusion and awareness in Merseyside Police, hear me talk about where we were, where we are and where we are going, how the culture of Merseyside Police has changed for the better and how my transition is enabling me to be visible and make a difference to others.” Christian’s talk is at 11am. Find out more about LGBT History Month.