From snowscapes to teapots - our new boards on Pinterest

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Painting of a snowy mountain scene beneath a dome. 'An Alpine Biodome', Geraint Evans. 2008. The collections at the Walker Art Gallery are so vast and varied, it's very difficult to pick out favourite items or paintings. But we've given it a go, so that we could bring to light some of the quirkier items from the collections on Pinterest. We've been getting inspired by the winter/festive season and have put together two new Walker Art Gallery Pinterest boards filled with our collections,  for you to browse. Hopefully you'll get inspired by them as well!  Our winter Pinterest board brings together contemporary and historic snowscapes - it includes paintings by our past John Moores Painting Prize entrants and work by well-loved artists such as Monet and Peter Doig. I love Geraint Evans' crisp and futuristic 'An Alpine Biodome' painting - it's slightly eerie but it's hard to put a finger on why. We've also included some vintage winter coats from our Mrs Tinne costume collection, which adds a touch of 1930s  glamour. Thinking about all the indulgence coming in the weeks ahead, we've also created a food and drink board. You can look through 19th century paintings of banquets and intimate family meals, which sit alongside quirky homeware and an ornate Rococo teapot. We've picked out items from the Walker's collections that we thought were eye-catching, unusual, evocative or that have great design. Take a look and re-pin your favourites! Screenshot of winter Pinterest board. Get inspired by our winter Pinterest board.