So long, and thanks for all the birds

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two man behind a table with lots of bird skins on it

Nate Rice and Robert Driver with some of the bird skins that they have prepared during their busy trip to Liverpool

A few weeks I introduced the Philadelphia ornithologists Nate Rice and Robert Driver, who came to World Museum Liverpool to skin and preserve bird specimens both for our collection and the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.

During a busy few weeks in Liverpool they completed an incredible 150 specimens, all of which were salvage birds kept in frozen storage. Salvage birds are local birds that members of the public have donated to the museum after finding them dead. We had an excess of common local breeds in storage, which were not represented in the Academy of Natural Science's collection. So in return for being given the surplus salvage birds that we didn't need for our collections, Nate and Robert prepared 19 specimens for the World Museum collections.

There are too many bird skins to put into one small blog post, but you can see more in our Flickr slideshow of the Philadelphia ornithologists, including early photos of some of the first bird skins that they worked on pinned out to dry. There are also photos of Nate and Robert on their last day in Liverpool with all of the specimens that they prepared.

Nate would like to collect more European bird specimens, particularly species that were not available this time, and is hoping to return to Liverpool in a year or two. So if you find a bird then World Museum Liverpool would like to hear from you. Please don't bring any in without contacting the museum first. You can email Clem Fisher or Tony Parker in the zoology department to find out if the bird you have found would be of interest and to make arrangements.