The Spider Man of 1930s Liverpool

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detail of photo showing man clinging to wall above crowds

The royal party were unaware of the lengths people had gone to for a good view

How far would you go to get a good view of an important event? Curator of photographic archives Anne Gleave has spotted one mystery figure who went to extraordinary lengths to see King George V and Queen Mary at the official opening ceremony of the Queensway Mersey Tunnel in July 1934.

The man appears in a series of photographs from the Stewart Bale collection recording the historic event. In the background behind the royal stand the photographs show him climbing above the crowds, then clinging precariously onto the wall above their heads.

Have a look on a page of details showing the mystery climber, in the web feature about the official souvenir album of the opening of the Queensway Mersey Tunnel. The only thing that isn't recorded is how he got back down again, so we hope he made it safely back to terra firma.