Spring arrives at Sudley House

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One of the most unique things about Sudley House is its wonderful grounds and the garden, which visitors can really make the most of now that the weather is improving! Here is Visitor Host Simon Breedon to tell us more...

Member of staff looking in the pond

Visitor Host Simon Breedon admiring Sudley's pond.

Fantastic news - Spring seems to have finally sprung here at Sudley House! Tiny creatures are swimming merrily around the pond in the courtyard; birds are tweeting in the trees (who’d have thought that they carry mobile phones!) and the Rhododendron bushes are starting to bloom. 

In fact most of the trees in the grounds are slowly putting out leaves, giving the whole estate a beautiful 'countryside' feel. There are two magnificent and mighty Tulip trees which are well worth heading over to see, especially in a couple of months when the lovely little tulip-like flowers are in full bloom.

Spring is a great time for children to visit Sudley House. They can keep an eye on the progress of the tadpoles in the pond and watch them as they slowly evolve into frogs. The courtyard area is also a good place to watch the amazing variety of birds, ranging from Long-Tailed Tits to Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers. If you’re very lucky you may even spot a Sparrowhawk or Kestrel.

If it's a fine day visitors can just go into the courtyard - if the weather is bad, then ask a member of staff for assistance.