Take a magical history tour through Liverpool's history

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poster of modern taxi appearing in an old Liverpool street

I'm sure that this far into 2007 most people are pretty well aware that it's Liverpool's 800th birthday, so I wont mention that again here. Apart from just then, that is, but I'm done now. Really.

With all the historical activities that have been taking place this year I thought that I'd heard just about everything there was to hear about the story of this great city. So I was quite impressed when just a quick look through the research for the Magical History Tour exhibition revealed all sorts of new facts and anecdotes that I was completely unaware of. For example, did you know that the first x-ray machine in Britain was installed at Liverpool's Southern Hospital in 1896? 

If you did know that and consider yourself a bit of a local history buff then you should take the Cab driver's challenge quiz on the exhibition website. Or from tomorrow you can pop along to see the exhibition itself. The opening weekend promises to be quite spectacular, with performances from the Beat Beatles and all sorts of other activities.