Talk Tuesday: Arts Council Collection prints

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ZOOLOGICLOOKINGNORTHKAPUT! display at the Walker Art Gallery. 'ZOOLOGICLOOKINGNORTHKAPUT!' is a second year printmaking project by Liverpool John Moores University Fine Art students that is currently on display at the Walker Art Gallery until 18 June 2017. Ahead of the students' Talk Tuesday on 6 June, their tutor Neil Morris tells us more about the project... “The work created was inspired by three recent Arts Council Collection National Partners Programme exhibitions at the Walker Art Gallery - Benedict Drew: KAPUT, Looking North, and ZOOLOGIC by Mark Leckey. The artwork in the exhibitions served as a departure point for investigation and the students were encouraged to produce work in a range of printmaking media. This work initially explored aspects of popular culture, our ever-changing relationship with technology, disposability, multiplicity and craft and finish. These key themes were identified by the students and faculty as they engaged with the artwork displayed and created responses. As a result of a series of workshops, critiques, seminars and visits to the gallery, the students explored two-dimensional approaches to making. They worked both individually and collaboratively to develop of a series of drawings and suite of prints. Through looking at and talking about the Arts Council Collection, students explored language related to printmaking. This included concepts like surface, support, texture, scale, repetition, substrate (the material that images are printed onto), line, tone, matrix (the plate, stencil or sheet that the image is printed from), and craft. This has resulted in a body of printed work that challenges, reinforces and stretches the boundaries of contemporary printmaking. The process also included aspects of curatorial and collaborative practice. “ To find out more about the printmaking processes used and ideas behind these prints, come along to an artist talk by LJMU students and faculty on Tuesday 6 June 2017 at 1pm at the Walker Art Gallery.