Teddy bear care

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Steiff teddy bear

See this teddy in the Reveal display

Sad news this morning from the Wookey Hole Caves Teddy Bear Museum in Somerset. More than 100 teddies were damaged last night by a guard dog, including a rare Steiff bear that used to belong to Elvis Presley. Hopefully the teddies are made of stern stuff (and stuffing) and will be able to pull through with a few well placed stitches.

Caring for objects that have either been damaged in incidents like this one, or are just suffering from age and normal wear and tear, is all in a day's work for the staff at the National Conservation Centre here in Liverpool. Our conservators are often asked about the care of treasured objects like teddy bears, photos and other family heirlooms. If you would like advice you can ask them in the opinion service.

You can see another well worn Steiff teddy bear in the Reveal display, which explains how conservators use science to unlock the stories hidden in everyday objects.  If he reminds you of your own teddy bear or another favourite toy, then we'd like to hear about those special memories. Tell us about the object of your affection and we might include it on the website.

For more cuddly fun have a look at the website for the old Teddy Bear Story exhibition, held at World Museum Liverpool a few years ago.