Telling her story - Melanie Robson

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Within the Tales from the city exhibition we have a special display case which enables us to tell different people's stories through objects that are meaningful to them. Our current display features items kindly loaned by Melanie Robson. Melanie is a retired teacher who lives in Bootle. Her precious items represent her life as a transwoman.

British passport, 2017

Melanie was finally issued with this passport in her name, and crucially, her sex. She explains the importance of this official document:

"It is an ongoing struggle to get people to use the correct pronoun. That letter F is so important. I had to fight my GP who said I had to have an operation first. I sought a second opinion and they agreed that my gender dysphoria was the criteria not surgery. It was a massive fight, but worth it!"


"I was a service user who volunteered at Hugh Baird College and helped to mentor trans people. It was the first time they had applied for the NAVAJO award. It was made clear by the staff and students that I was instrumental in them successfully being awarded the charter mark which was wonderful".

Deed poll

"I am very emotional writing this. I am excited and awestruck to now able to call myself Ms Melanie Robson. However my family, ex-partner and children don’t want to accept reality. It is an ongoing struggle just to be me".

Theatre programme

"I think I was the first transgender performer at the Royal Court Theatre. I sang as part of the onstage choir".


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