Ten years of World Museum

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lots of people in the museum Crowds getting their first look at the new atrium on Friday 29 April 2005 Just before 5pm on the afternoon of Thursday 28 April 2005, the very last visitors left through the old entrance of what was then know as Liverpool Museum and walked down the steps to William Brown Street. A fairly insignificant event but this did mark the end of an era.  The next morning visitors were directed to a smart new street level entrance to the museum, which led them into a dramatic five storey atrium, with a pterosaur and satelite suspended above their heads. From the atrium they could easily find their way to many familiar old galleries in the museum as well as a number of brand new galleries, including a large new Aquarium, the Bug House, the expanded Clore Natural History Centre, the Weston Discovery Centre and the World Cultures gallery. To reflect this major development the museum itself was renamed as World Museum. As you can see in the photo, thousands of visitors flocked in on the first day and were greeted by some colourful performers including stilt walkers dressed as giant insects. However the real stars were the new galleries with lots of exciting exhibits, many of which were on display for the first time, and plenty of hands-on interactive fun for all ages. This doesn’t seem all that long ago, but incredibly World Museum is ten years old on 29 April 2015. Most ten year olds celebrate their birthday by inviting some chums round for a party. However World Museum has gone one better by inviting Griff Rhys Jones and a panel of experts round to film a fun new quiz for BBC Four, appropriately called The Quizeum. You can watch The Quizeum and see if the experts can identify some mystery objects from our collection, at 8.30pm on Wednesday 29 April on BBC Four.