"There's an alchemical energy in this painting..."

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Woman standing in front of a painting Sarah Pickstone with her winning painting in 2012. I've been listening again to the words of Sarah Pickstone, the artist who won the John Moores Painting Prize in 2012. Call for entries for this  prestigious painting have come around again so it means we always look back to who the last winner was, as we also look forward to discovering the next winner in 2014!  In the video below she talks about some of the themes that are woven through her winning painting 'Stevie Smith and the Willow'. She describes the process of reading poetry and how this influenced what she created in the studio, producing:
"...an alchemical energy in this painting..."
If you're thinking about entering, I think Sarah's passion and excitement about winning should surely persuade you to fill in that form. After all, it could be you next time! Visit the John Moores Painting Prize homepage for more details on how to enter.