These are a few of my favourite things – No. 1

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Laura Cox, visitor assistant at Museum of Liverpool shares the first of a few of her favourite things.

Liverpool Overhead Railway at Museum of Liverpool

Liverpool Overhead Railway carriage in the Museum of Liverpool

Here at the Museum of Liverpool we have 6,000 objects; from new to old, big to small and the weird to the wonderful, there’s certainly something in store to keep you interested.

I’ve decided to dedicate this post to one of my favourite things in the museum. The object in question is the very first object that entered the museum way back in July 2010; it is of course the Liverpool Overhead Railway (L.O.R.) carriage.

I love this object! Yes I wasn’t even born when the railway was in use, it actually closed thirty three before I was born, but that hasn’t stopped me from making my own connection with the last remaining carriage from the L.O.R.

The smell of the carriage was the first thing that hit me when I entered it for the first time; it’s a combination of musty old wood and stale cigarette smoke. The unique smell makes me conjure up images of the carriage filled with ‘Dockers’ heading home after a hard day at work, puffing away on their rolled up cigarettes. The smell combined with the mannequins situated in the carriage, which at first are slightly scary, gives you an idea of what it must have been like.

Meeting people that have actually been on the Overhead Railway when it was in use is an absolute joy. I could listen to their stories for hours, whether they only went on it once on a day trip with Dad, or if they worked on the L.O.R and remember it fondly, or even people who travelled to work on the railway, all of their stories are so special and personal it makes it a true pleasure to work in the museum and be given the chance to hear them.

Is the Overhead Railway carriage something only people who know it can enjoy? Of course not! I didn’t know anything about it at first, and now I feel like I’ve actually travelled on it for real! And the smiles on the children as they don the items of costume from that era and board the train for the first time, you can see how much they enjoy it as they make memories of their own.

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