Threads of Life

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Display of textiles

Curator Roberta Bacic (left) and National Museum Liverpool’s Ann-Marie McGaughey with arpilleras.

Links between Ireland and Latin America might not be immediately obvious but a lovely and thought-provoking display of textiles in World Museum's community base will give visitors an opportunity to explore them.

Embroidered quilts from Ireland and a selection of arpilleras (pronounced “ar-pee-air-ahs”); three-dimensional appliqué textiles from Latin America, depict the experiences of ordinary people living their lives in extreme circumstances. Some of the Irish quilts were created by women directly affected during 'the Troubles’ in Northern Ireland and demonstrate both their feelings of loss and their hope for peace within their community.

Most of the Chilean arpilleras were made during the country’s dictatorship (1973 - 1990). Many of these textiles depict the experiences of people living during that difficult time and reflect their determination and courage.

The vibrant and colourful pieces, also cover topics such as community, daily life and family.

For more information about the quilts see here.

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