Three is not a crowd

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Lady stands infront of display case

Ruth Ball stands in front of her display 'Glass, Metal & Fire'including the two recent additions

A few weeks ago I blogged about the installation of a new display of enamelled art by Ruth Ball. She had already donated a beautiful enamelled portrait of the Walker Art Gallery with two more portraits still to be finished.

Now these two additions have taken pride of place in the collection. The two pieces are of John Mayer and William Roscoe both collectors of art or antiquities whose collections have been donated to National Museums Liverpool (NML).

Ruth took inspiration from portraits of both men but her enamel portraits are her interpretation of them, unsurprisingly they are both beautiful and intricate. What I like about them is that in themselves they are pieces worthy of appreciation but at the same time they made me appreciate NML’s collections as these men and their donations are deep in the roots of NML’s history and collections.