Titanic gallery opening date announced

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Bow of the wreck of the Titanic

Still from video footage of the Titanic wreck. Image courtesy of Steve Rigby.

Good news for everyone who has missed the old Floating Palaces gallery at the Merseyside Maritime Museum, which closed for refurbishment in the autumn. A brand new gallery featuring the Titanic, Lusitania and Empress of Ireland disasters is currently being installed on the first floor of the museum. It has now been confirmed that the gallery will open on Saturday 10 February.

Being a nosey type of a person, I had a sneak preview of the new gallery when I was in the museum last week and must say it's looking fantastic so far. When the gallery opens visitors will be able to walk all the way round the Titanic model and see it from all sides for the first time. Most of the other favourite obects from the old gallery will be on display, along with some new items.

One exciting addition will be video footage that Steve Rigby of Warrington, the honorary secretary of the British Titanic Society, took of his submarine trip to the Titanic wreck, two and a half miles deep, in 2001. Visitors will be able to listen to a recording of Steve describing his amazing experiences on the trip.