Titanic & Liverpool: the untold story- telegrams

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Some of the key objects on display in the Titanic & Liverpool: the untold story exhibition are telegrams from the Archives Centre's extensive collection at  Merseyside Maritime Museum. These messages were sent and received using the Marconi wireless on the rescue ship Carpathia between 15-17 April 1912, when Titanic’s survivors were rescued and taken to New York.

Messages were sent by Captain Rostron, as well as Bruce Ismay and many other survivors who wanted to pass on news that they were safe and also about the loss of loved ones. Six messages from the collection are displayed in the 2hr 40 minutes area of the gallery, which takes its name from the time it took Titanic to sink.

These telegrams are poignant messages that communicate the enormous events in just a few words. For example, one telegram from Bruce Ismay on board Carpathia to PAS Franklin, vice president White Star Line, New York 17 April 1912:

"Deeply regret advise you Titanic sank this morning fifteenth after collision iceberg resulting serious loss of life, further particulars later"