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Movie news is buzzing with anticipation now that Kate Winslett and Leonardo di Caprio are due to be reunited on screen in the film Revolutionary Road. The two first starred together of course in the blockbuster Titanic.

The tragic story of the Titanic has always captured people's imaginations, and many have flocked to see the Titanic, Lusitania and the Forgotten Empress gallery at the Merseyside Maritime Museum since it opened last year. In fact the popularity of this gallery is one of the factors that has made this a record breaking year for the museum. The millionth visitor to the Maritime Museum is due to walk through its doors today, possibly as I type, making it the first venue in the National Museums Liverpool group to attract one million visitors in a year since the organisation was founded in 1986.  

Even more visitors are expected with the announcement of a new display of previously unseen Titanic exhibits opening today. The exhibits are a five dollar banknote, pince nez spectacles, a White Star Line cup, a lead ventilation grille, a gold wrist watch and five tie pins, all of which are on long term loan to the museum. These personal items are an evoicative reminder of the human cost of the tragedy.