Top five gift picks for Animal Mummies Revealed

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egyptian bast cat plush toy Egyptian Bast Cat Plush Toy Animal Mummies Revealed opens at World Museum today, and alongside the exhibits on display, there's the perfect range of gifts and souvenirs to take away from our pop up shop on gallery. We are really excited by the exhibition, Retail Assistant Merchandising Manager, Karen Taylor particularly. She studied Egyptology prior to joining the museum and used her insight and passion to select the gifts for visitors to the exhibition. Here are Karen's top five picks. 1. Plush Toys We have a selection of cuddly animals from bast cats to an Egyptian hippo. Your little ones may even prefer the slightly scary, yet still cuddly Egyptian mummy doll, or a not too snappy plush crocodile to take home. 2. How I became a Mummy and The Cat Mummy books Still want to find out more about mummification after your visit? These fascinating children’s books will be enjoyed by all who want to learn more about the process. It’s not just a matter of wrapping a body in bandages - find out what happens to the soft inside bits too! book with mummy egyptians How I Became a Mummy book 3. Anubis Laying figure Children and adults alike will love our Egyptian resin statues. They boast excellent ornate detailing and embellishment, with a number of different animals and gods available. Each figure has their own story, with Anubis being one of the oldest gods in Ancient Egypt portrayed in animal form as a jackal. Look out for the mummified jackal in the exhibition! 4. Gifts for the Gods catalogue Edited by our partners, lead researchers at the Ancient Egyptian Animal Mummy Bio Bank at the University of Manchester, this book gives a wonderful insight into animal mummies and votive offerings. It also details the role of British explorers, travelers, archaeologists, curators and scientists and their relationship with this material. 5. Pharaoh sarcophagus Available in small and large sizes these resin models of a decorated sarcophagus is in the form of an Ancient Egyptian king, which opens up to reveal a gruesome mini mummy inside! A great selection of our Egyptian gifts can be found in our online shop too.