Toys are Us!

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Every year, kids go crazy for one toy that then sells out everywhere and is nigh-on impossible for parents to get hold of. Remember that film Jingle All The Way, when Arnold Schwarzenegger spends the entire film trying to get hold of a Turbo Man for his son? That’s almost what it was like trying to get hold of a Tamagotchi for my brother’s eighth birthday…

However, the old ones were always the best, and as much as feeding a Tamagotchi, cleaning up after it, and making sure it had 100% happiness was fun (?!) the batteries did tend to run out after some time, much to our mum’s delight!

Other, simpler, 20th century toys hold many special memories. Who can forget the Spinning Top, or the craze that was the Rubik’s Cube? The Museum of Liverpool team are currently appealing for your own memories of 20th century toys, and you can share them here on the museum’s facebook page.

A Rubik's Cube

One of the great toy crazes of the 20th century: The Rubik's Cube

The toys, ranging from an early 20th century miniature test cricket set to some Stickle Bricks, will all be featured in a Toy Timeline in the new Museum of Liverpool when it opens in 2011.

Your comments could be featured alongside the toys, providing personal stories of people’s own childhoods. Or perhaps you’re still getting great entertainment from the toys today? I have it on good authority there are still quite a lot of people trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube they received as a birthday present in the 80s!