Under and Over the Mersey 1930s style

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photo of crowds round a tunnel entrance in the city centre

Stewart Bale photograph of the Queensway Tunnel opening

This weekend was the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Queensway Tunnel. To celebrate this busy roadway was closed to traffic on Sunday, giving pedestrians the rare opportunity to walk 'Under and Over the Mersey' (well, actually they floated back over on a ferry). There have been some great photographs of the walk through on Flickr, like this one by mobilevirgin.

In contrast here's a picture of the official opening ceremony 75 years ago from the Stewart Bale collection held in the Maritime Archives and Library. The local photographic firm Stewart Bale Ltd documented the construction of the tunnel and produced an official souvenir album of the Queensway Tunnel opening ceremony in 1934.

Purely by chance the opening ceremony pictures also capture the extraordinary lengths that some people will go to for a good view of events like this, with a series of photos of a mystery figure climbing above the crowds in the background. See if you can spot him in the original photos with the zoomify facility.