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For the last few months the Lady Lever Art Gallery has been host to Fresh Perspectives, an exciting display of art work created by local secondary school students. It was clear how important the exhibition is to the artists during the opening celebrations, when the artists came to preview their work hanging in a national gallery, it was great to see such overwhelming support from the schools and some very proud, and a few teary family members. The reaction from visitors has been overwhelmingly positive with people commenting
“Very inspiring to see so many talented young artists” “So important to support Art in our schools” “Plessington portraits are exceptional, some of the best teen art I’ve ever seen. Stuart Sutcliffe is smiling down” “What a talented bunch you are! Great technique but most of all feeling. Thank you” “Shows real passion and love for their work-inspiring”
Highlights from the exhibition include 6th form students from South Wirral High delivering a group talk about their work to a group of creative year 8’s from their school, something I would have found incredibly difficult to do at their age! The students shared the ideas and inspiration behind their pieces as well as telling the year 8’s what they can look forward to if they choose to take GCSE Art and Design. Artist Ticky Lowe, was invited to explore the exhibition with children from Mendell Primary School as part of their Local Artist project. Ticky told the children all about her own work as an artist and helped them to create their own art in response to what they had seen on gallery. Ticky also worked with Lady Lever’s Family Art Club, a session that runs on the last Saturday of every month for 7-12 year olds and their adults. Ticky, who focused on the work made by Prenton High School, said:
“As the artists were from local schools their artwork was especially inspiring for the Family Art Club members as they could relate to it and see themselves as young artists too. We made some fantastic miniature people using wire, wool and other textiles, based on Whimsical Creatures which in turn was inspired by the artist Samantha Bryan. In March we found inspiration in Fresh Perspectives again looking at the very fragile seed pod sculptures Organic Forms - using lots and lots of sellotape to get a similar effect in a short space of time!”
An embroidery workshop took place at the Lady Lever Art gallery, inspired by the work from Weatherhead’s students. The students had created hanging textile’s that are on display within the exhibition. Visitors joined in with a contemporary embroidery workshop led by artist Andie Stitcher. Andie encouraged participants to interpret a still life into embroidery using techniques he had taught throughout the session.         Fresh Perspectives is on display at the Lady Lever Art Gallery until 1 May.