Upcoming community excavation

Volunteers on a Rainford's Roots excavation Volunteers on a Rainford's Roots excavation The Rainford’s Roots project has just finished its programme of events for the Festival of Archaeology 2013, and is now preparing for its next community dig this August in Rainford, St Helens. From 15-22 August the project will be at Rainford Library on Church Road, Rainford. A team of archaeologists and volunteers will be exploring the former site of a clay tobacco pipe shop which once stood on the site. This workshop was one of a number in operation in Rainford in the 19th century, producing tobacco pipes that were traded far and wide. The excavation will explore the history of the site and the team expect to uncover objects that were being manufactured and used in Rainford over 100 years ago. On Friday 16th and Tuesday 20th August there will be open events at the site for members of the public to come and see what archaeologists and local volunteers have been up to. The site will be open from 2pm-4pm on both days. Come along and see what we find! Photograph of former pipe shop on the library site Rainford’s Roots is a community archaeology project, run by the Merseyside Archaeological Society and National Museums Liverpool, to explore the industrial heritage of Rainford village near St Helens. The project aims to widen participation and dissemination of community archaeology in the region. For more details on the project and how to get involved, visit the project website.