Venus & Mars

Mars, the mythological god of war is actually sporting a child-like smile. Europe's Mars Express spacecraft has captured a charming picture of 'Crater Galle', which resembles two eyes and a smiley mouth drawn in a sandpit. Not quite as Orson Welles envisaged when he wrote ‘War of the Worlds’.

One the other hand, the Venus express probe has just gone into orbit around the 'love' planet in a bid to get up close and personal. Let’s hope our neighbour isn’t lying in ambush!

Find out more about Mars in our regular event,  ‘A Tale of Two Planets’ at the Planetarium of World Museum Liverpool.

 Edward Burne-Jones' drawing of Venus, goddess of love, is part of the Lady Lever Art Gallery’s Pre-Raphaelite Drawings exhibition. The beautiful sculpture, The Tinted Venus by John Gibson can be viewed in the Walker Art Gallery.