The Virgo Queen

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There’s a lunar eclipse this evening and according to Jonathan Cainer 
(who happens to be an astrologer, not an astronomer) you should be able to see it at around 7.50pm if you’re in the UK. Although in astronomical terms it is only a ‘rather small partial eclipse’ (NASA), in astrological terms it carries more significance. This is because the full moon coincides with a ‘lunar standstill’ which only occurs every 18.6 years.

One of the best places to watch the eclipse will be the ancient stone circle of Calanais  on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland which is thought by some to mark significant events in the lunar cycle.

Nicholas Hilliard

The pelican in this portrait represents sacrifice - but is the Virgin Queen hiding something?

Keeping with the astrology theme, it is Queen Elizabeth I’s birthday today which means she was a Virgo. Very apt, given that she was the ‘Virgin Queen’ – or so I thought – but apparently I am mistaken.

The goddess Ceres that governs Virgo is not a symbol of celibacy, but one of abundance. And the reputation of Virgos as prim comes more from their fastidiousness and orderliness rather than their chastity.

Perhaps this explains the ongoing debate over Elizabeth’s love life and her dalliances with the Earl of Leicester, Robert Dudley. Some researchers even go so far as to propose that Elizabeth actually had a child with her suitor.