Virtual video first!

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Eye for colour at World Museum until 4 September 2016 We all know that video doesn’t really compare to the real-life experience of a museum or gallery, but it’s getting pretty good a painting a very strong picture. Using the latest advancement, the 360 degree video, viewers can navigate around a space, venue or event to see if from all angles, as if they were there. Even more exciting, we’re one of the first museums in the country to use this emerging technology to bring to life (almost) our award-winning Eye for Colour exhibition. After being seen by one million people internationally, the exhibition returned to World Museum for its 10th anniversary. We were delighted to preview it to seven eager children from Holy Cross Primary School, who were explored it and were filmed for our 360 degree video. This is National Museums Liverpool’s first foray into the world of the immersive video and it’s great to be pioneering the new style. The video works on Facebook and YouTube by just moving around your phone or tablet as though you were filming it yourself. On a desktop, you can use your mouse to drag the view around the video. How it came to be made was pretty exciting and the children really embraced getting involved in the new technology. We worked with Liverpool-based FACT to set up six GoPro cameras on what is effectively a pole. This was then mounted in various parts of the exhibition and captured the children enjoying the activities for the first time, so all the reactions were totally spontaneous and natural. Carl Davies, Production Manager at FACT, says: “The video is then edited like a usual video and ‘stitched’ together to make sure all the pieces fit correctly against any sound or commentary, like a jigsaw. We then tidy it all up in a production editing suite and use a software programme to embed a code to make sure it will play in 360 degree format.” Very technical! For us, we want to further enhance the experience of our visitors while also appealing to the ever-digital up-coming generations. We’d love to hear your feedback – let us know what you think on World Museum Facebook and Twitter pages - hashtag #EyeForColour. Please note: If you are on an iphone, ipad or using Safari on a desktop, unfortunately, this video will not work here. It can be viewed correctly on Youtube at: Eye for colour is on display until 4 September 2016 and is free to enter.