Visitors moved by Rankin exhibition

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Post it now with text "It makes you think about the people you love!" A visitor comment from the response wall at the Walker. Below are some of the moving comments that have been posted on our response wall at the Walker Art Gallery by visitors to the 'ALIVE: In The Face of Death' exhibition. It seems that Rankin's photographs have really made people think about their own loved ones, while also being uplifted by the stories of those who appear in the exhibition.  Rankin and his subjects were filmed during the run-up to the opening of the exhibition for the BBC's Culture Show - you can see the final program on Saturday 13 July at 10.10pm on BBC2. Why not leave a comment below to let us know what you thought of the exhibition? Or tweet us using #AliveXRankin
"I found it intensely moving. I don’t remember crying openly in an exhibition before."
"This exhibition will give hope to those who didn't know they had any. "
Black and white photograph of a man's face. Photographer, Rankin. Image © Rankin.
"Inspirational and moving. Having a brother who survived cancer I'm just amazed and grateful for the exhibition. Inspired by the positive attitudes of all the people in the photographs! Thanks for this wonderful experience! "
"Amazing images of some amazing people. Lost my wife to cancer 3 years ago and only wished I had photographed her in this manner before she left us. Well done Rankin."
"First class exhibition!! Top marks for the subject, about time it was showcased. My mum died of bowel cancer at the age of 51 in 1979. I still miss her. Thank you!"
"Extraordinary! A moving experience. The thought, sensitivity and humanity in this exhibition is world class. It has changed me. Thank you."